Service Availability Fee (No Tap Required)


Service Availability Fee (Tap Required)
Commercial Bulk Fee (No Tap Required)$250.00

(Notice:  Larger size taps are calculated at cost plus)

Rates and Fees

Munford Water Authority, Inc.


First 2,000 gallons or less (minimum)              EFFECTIVE: JANUARY 1, 2023
Remainder per 1,000 gallons                           EFFECTIVE: JANUARY 1, 2023
Commercial/Bulk-First 20,000 gallons or less (minimum)$120.00

Plus 4% State Sales Tax

Commercial/Non-Agricultural (Non-Metered)

Commercial/Non-Agricultural (Non-metered) accounts typically include those customers who withdraw water from a fire hydrant or similar outlet provided by MWA.  Each customer must provide a valve and backflow control device before being approved for water withdrawal.

*See Bulk Rates below

January 1, 2023
Board of Directors
Munford Water Authority, Inc.
PO Box 92
Munford, AL 36268 


Returned Checks Fee
Late Fee
15% of Total
Convenience Charge (After Hours)
Convenience Charge (During Hours)

Re-Connection Fee                                         EFFECTIVE: JANUARY 1, 2023


      2ND & SUBSEQUENT OFFENSES (Increase in penalties will remain effective for 1 calendar year)